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Secrets to Ongoing Success

Keeping Yourself and Your Organization Fresh

What does success mean to you? This is one of the many questions, Secrets to Ongoing Success covers throughout its interactive pages. Author, Bruce Reinstein, offers a masterful blend of tips and advice through the lens of his own career in the foodservice and hospitality industry. How did you achieve your success thus far? Where did you take missteps? How will you adapt for the future? Secrets to Ongoing Success will help you define, (or re-define) your future, re-energize yourself, your team, and your business.

“This book is the “street smart” bible for foodservice entrepreneurs and professionals facing challenges in an ever-competitive environment. Secrets to Ongoing Success is a great solution for restaurateurs seeking a reset or even those wishing to remain at the top of their game. ” – John M. Hamburger, President Franchise Times/Restaurant Finance Monitor
“I believe strongly in ‘teaching and learning’ and Bruce does a masterful job of teaching what right looks like in Secrets to Ongoing Success. An organization would certainly benefit by having him ‘teach’ at their corporate seminars.” – Frank Guidara, Former CEO Au Bon Pain, Pizzeria UNO and Wolfgang Puck Food Co.

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